E. Jerry Williams #141

Over the next four or five months, I made visitations to several Lodges within the 4th Masonic District, Beehive #66, R.C. Cartwright # 129, Fairmount # 92, and William T Wallace # 134. Although my visitations were well received by the membership of each respective Lodge, I did not feel a Good Masonic connection with the Lodges I visited. I believe, it was in January or February of 1985 that I had a special meeting within the Grand Lodge of Maryland with the Grand Master Samuel T Daniels, S.D.D.G.M.: RW Shelton D. Redden, S.A.D.G.M: RW Leroy Lasisiter, 4th Masonic D.D.G.M: RW George Moore, and HPGM James T. Dorsey, I informed the Grand Master my concerns regarding my demit processes, and how I was not willing to demit to those lodges within the 4th Masonic District. The Grand Master then informed me that if this was the case, with the support of RW Shelton D. Redden and RW Leroy Lassiter, and RW George Moore, why not pursue the opportunity to start a new Lodge with in the 4th Masonic District. With those supportive and welcoming comments, and others made that evening, I agreed to work with the above Grand Delegation to form a new Lodge. After this meeting, we, the Grand Lodge Delegation, and I placed numerous calls within the Washington, Metro Area to Master Masons, we had known were that were in the area. The results of these calls produced our first, of many meetings held at the Ft Meyer’s NCO Club at noon once or twice each week for Lunch and more . Those that were called and attended these meetings are listed below:

  • *RW Shelton Redden, *RW Leroy Lassiter, Brother: *PM Warren L Broomer, *Leon Williams, *Ron Dickens, *Sonny Hill, *Robert Poindexter, *Bernard Pinkney, *Clarence McIntosh, William Reid, *Willie Clubs, Benny Perkins, *John Diggins, Robert Roberts and Hal Saunders, and more that are unnamed.
  • *Denotes Charter Members
  • We held Study Club meetings at each others houses in Temple and Oxon Hill MD. RW Redden and RW Lassiter pushed through the petition to the GM for the establishment of a Study Club called the Temple Hills Study Club, Under Dispensation (UD)(April – Aug 12). There were only 12 members on the Grand Lodge Floor during the Grand Lodge Session to receive the personally hand Crafted Charter, by GM Daniels, and the Lodge was named E. Jerry Williams, and given the number of 141, within the 4th Masonic District. EJW # 141 Chartered Elected Officers:
  • WM: P.M Warren L Broomer
  • SW: Sonny Hill
  • JW: Bernard Pinkney
  • Sec: Robert Poindexter
  • Tres: John Diggins (Replaced by Ron Roberts)
  • Our first meeting was held at the Council House in Temple Hills MD, along with our first EJW Class Raising was held at the Council House. We later moved to the Oxon Hill High School Annex on across the street from the Ranch House Restaurant. We later move to RC Cartwright in 1987, where we remain there today.



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