Called From Service

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Dear Brethren:

Although you are now at rest from your labors, the work that you have performed as members of the Lodge continues on. We at this time would like to thank the Great Architect of the Universe for allowing you to share a part of your lives with us. We also thank the Grand Architect of the Universe for using you as an instrument to deepen our commitment to diligently perform the works of Masonry.

We miss you and, you will forever remain in our minds and in our hearts.


The Members of E. Jerry Williams Lodge No. 141

Shelton D. Redden

Past Grand Master

February 21, 2015

Douglas A. Taylor

Right Worshipful

January 2015

Henry Foy

Past Master

January 2013

Leconyia Jessie


May 2011

Benjamin Bowlding


October 2012

Robert J. Poindexter

Right Worshipful

November 2011

Charles Herbert Flowers II


January 2011

Raymond E. Riley

Past Master

September 2005

Roy A. Maggett

Past Master

August 2005

Michael G. Baker


November 2000

RW Walter Williams Brown

4th Masonic District

April 1999

Isaac Gourdine


March 2002

Eddie P. Luckett


January 1998

Vernon H. McCaster


May 1997